Will Banjo cure my disease?

Banjo only treats symptoms.

Banjo is not intended to be, and is not claimed to be, a cure for any ailment.

Banjo ‘only’ treats symptoms, and may reduce or even eliminate many symptoms related to inflammation.

In certain cases (such as mild osteoarthritis) it has been reported that symptoms (such as joint pain) entirely disappear after only a short course of treatment with Banjo, and that they sometimes do not reappear for an extended period of time. However, that does not mean the underlying condition or process has been cured.

What is a cure?

By definition (ours) two things would be required before a condition could be said to be ‘cured’.

First, symptoms of the condition would have to be entirely eliminated.

Second, symptoms would not return after the treatment was discontinued (unless the disease or condition was ‘re-acquired’.)

While some people have reported complete remission of arthritis (osteoarthritis,) migraine, and fibromyalgia, it seems likely that at least some of the original symptoms will return at some point, though perhaps in milder form. As such, the person has not been ‘cured’.

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