Why does the lozenge take so long to dissolve?

That’s by design.

The longer the lozenge stays in your mouth, the more time there is for the active ingredients to be absorbed through the lining of your mouth.

The active ingredients that are absorbed through the lining of your mouth go directly into your bloodstream, without having to first pass through the harsh environs of the stomach.

That might be one of the reasons why Banjo is surprisingly effective – because nutrients are absorbed in the manner ‘intended’.

Think about this.

In the past, fruits and vegetables (the primary ingredients in Banjo) were primarily consumed in great abundance, and raw. That meant a lot of chewing and a long time spent in the oral cavity (the mouth.) During that entire ‘chew time’ your mouth would be slowly absorbing various nutrients (chemicals) that made up the plant (whatever you were eating.)

The Banjo lozenge replicates that long ‘chew time’.

Maybe putting something inside a gelatin capsule and swallowing it whole isn’t quite the same as chewing on it for a few minutes.

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