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Banjo for Ehlers-Danlos Pain and Fatigue

I’m looking for a few people (US residents only – sorry,) who might like to assist with a little Banjo ‘market research’. Free product in exchange for your assistance – just provide feedback via surveys. Banjo has proven effective at providing relief from pain and fatigue for some with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. I would like to…

Can a person have both EDS and fibromyalgia?

Recently heard about a geneticist who, several years after having first diagnosed a patient with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, was then asked by that patient about a more recent diagnosis of fibromyalgia.

“Oh, fibromyalgia is just a symptom of EDS,” the geneticist is said to have replied.

So the question is, in the case of a patient with EDS, is it possible to make the distinct diagnosis of fibromyalgia?

Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and mastocytosis: reduction in pain and fatigue

After about four days using Banjo I felt a big change in the amount of energy I had. I also began to notice some reduction in pain. I had less pain in my small joints to start with. The pain in my large joints continued for some time. After about a month of taking Banjo the pain in my small joints was much, much better and I had less pain in the larger joints, but those continued to give me a bit of trouble.

I have now been taking Banjo for about two months and I have noticed a marked difference in the joint pain, headaches, back and neck pain…

Severe fatigue afflicts 75% of those with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

Fatigue, it seems, is a near constant companion of pain, which has led many to conclude that pain is the cause of fatigue.

It’s true of course that pain is ‘fatiguing’ – but it seems something else might be at work. Perhaps both pain and fatigue result from a form of mild, chronic inflammation.

It’s noteworthy that lupus patients, for example, often report that while pain abates during a remission, in many cases fatigue does not…

Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS) flare-up immediately relieved by Banjo

I had a flairup [EDS] with my hips, knees and ankles hurting. After a couple days I tried Banjo and within hours the pain was gone. I thought that it couldn’t be the Banjo working so fast, so when the pain came back I took some more and it worked again.

Chronic pain in Ehlers-Danlos syndrome

Ehlers-Danlos syndrome is actually a group of inherited connective tissue disorders believed to be caused by a genetic defect in collagen metabolism. Collagen is a critical component of various tissues throughout the body. It comprises an essential part of joints, ligaments, blood vessels, internal organs, skin and the inter-cellular matrix.

Up to ten different types of Ehlers-Danlos have been reported, each in theory associated with a unique defect in collagen metabolism. However, in 1997 a new classification system was introduced which defined six basic types of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. The three most common (but still rare types) are the hypermobility type (formerly type 3), classical type (formerly types 1 and 2) and the vascular type (formerly type 4.) Even within a particular type, individual variability can be extreme, with symptom manifestation ranging from mild to severe.

Most patients are diagnosed based on clinical criteria, though precise diagnosis can sometimes be confirmed by genetic testing. The fact that patients with Ehlers-Danlos often have quite different symptoms…

Ehlers-danlos syndrome, diffuse pain and chronic fatigue

Ehlers-danlos syndrome (EDS) is an inherited disorder of connective tissue. More specifically, EDS involves a defect in collagen production. It is reported that over 75% of those with EDS suffer with extreme, chronic fatigue. How does a defect in collagen production lead to chronic fatigue? Those with EDS, especially the hypermobility type (type 3), also…

Less pain, more energy: Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, neck and knee pain

Despite all the meds and every therapy I remained in extreme pain. I was so tired of the extreme pain that I keep myself isolated at home much of the time. But after using Banjo for 4 days my neck pain was GONE! I definitely had more energy. My back pain was better but not gone and my left knee with the torn meniscus would still hurt, but only if I moved it in a certain way. I felt much better overall and the best part was that I couldn’t feel that my neck felt normal for the first time in 5 years! I had been using narcotics with no relief for almost five years and after just two days of Banjo I quit the narcotics. That is the greatest relief as I was so tired of feeling drugged.

Thanks a million! I am loving the pain free neck and am able to bend knee easier.