Pediatric migraine

5-10% of school-aged children get migraines.

An estimated 10% of US school-aged children miss an avg. of 2 days/month of school due to migraine.

20% of migraine patients experience their first migraine before age 5.

Girls and boys are equally prone to migraine.

During adolescence, 20-30% of young women may experience migraine, along with 10-20% of young men.

In pediatric migraine, the pain is often on both sides of the head.

Nausea and vomiting frequently accompany the headache.

The child frequently tries to avoid lights, noise and strong odors.

About 65% of children do not experience an aura.

About 20% always have an aura, and 15% sometimes do.

60% of those with pediatric migraine will still be having migraine 30 years later.

Early, effective treatment may lesson the frequency and severity of migraine later in life.

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