Migraine: 10x economic impact vs. other headache

Migraine has 10x the economic impact compared to other episodic headache

Just one more ‘data point’ for those who doubt the impact of migraine .

The publication:

Pharmacoeconomics. 2004;22(15):985-99.

Economic impact of migraine and other episodic headaches in France: data from the GRIM2000 study.

Pradalier A, Auray JP, El Hasnaoui A, Alzahouri K, Dartigues JF, Duru G, Henry P, Lantéri-Minet M, Lucas C, Chazot G, Gaudin AF.

Summary of the abstract

BACKGROUND: Migraine is a prevalent and incapacitating condition that affects individuals in the prime of their productive life, thus generating an economic burden for both society and healthcare systems.

OBJECTIVE: The objective of this study was to determine the economic cost (primarily direct costs) of migraine and other episodic headache in France based on a general population survey of headache.

DESIGN: From a representative general population sample of 10,585 individuals aged > or = 15 years in France in 1999, 1486 individuals experiencing headaches were identified and interviewed regarding healthcare resource consumption in the previous 6 months.

RESULTS: The prevalence of migraine (including migrainous disorder) was determined to be 17%.

Total annual direct healthcare costs were estimated to be Euros 128 per individual with migraine in 1999, corresponding to Euros 1.044 billion when extrapolated to all individuals experiencing migraine and aged > or = 15 years.

The principal cost element was physician consultations. However, it was found that many individuals had never consulted a physician for their headaches, and self-medication contributed substantially to the medication costs (the second greatest cost factor for migraine). The cost per individual rose steeply with increasing severity of headache.

CONCLUSIONS:  The total annual direct costs in France for migraine are almost 10-fold higher than those of other episodic headache.

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