Migraine & restless legs syndrome

Migraine is associated with restless leg syndrome.

Migraine patients are found to maintain, even between acute attacks, certain neuronal hyper-excitability and those with migraine may exhibit a certain level of autonomic dysfunction. The association between migraine and restless leg syndrome (RLS) may occur as a result.

The publication:

J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry. 2009 Dec 3.

Association between Restless Legs Syndrome and Migraine.

Summary of the abstract

BACKGROUND: An association between restless legs syndrome and migraine has been reported recently. The clinical correlates and impact of comorbidity of RLS is not fully described in patients with migraine.

OBJECTIVES: To investigate the frequency of RLS among different primary headache disorders and its impact and clinical correlates in migraine patients.

CONCLUSION: This study demonstrated an association between migraine and RLS among different primary headache disorders. Comorbid RLS in migraine patients worsened sleep quality. A shared underlying mechanism may account for the correlates between migraine features and comorbid RLS.

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