Migraine impact on work

Migraine accounts for 65% of all productivity losses attributable to disease

It appears that migraine accounts for nearly 65% of lost work productivity. That alone suggests the severity of migraine and the extent to which the lives of migraine sufferers are impacted by this disease.

Those with 11 or more headache days per month (29% of those with migraine in this study) accounted for just under half of the total productivity lost to migraine.

One might expect those with such frequent migraine to account for a larger percent of lost productivity. Apparently, they learn to work through the pain. They have to.

The publication:

J Occup Environ Med. 2008 Jul;50(7):736-45.

Work impact of migraine headaches.

Stewart WF, Wood GC, Razzaghi H, Reed ML, Lipton RB.

Summary of the abstract

OBJECTIVE: To estimate work impact of headache among migraineurs.

METHODS: Data were from a U.S. nationwide mailed questionnaire of 193,477 participants in the American Migraine Prevalence and Prevention study. Lost Productive Time (LPT) was the sum of missed hours plus reduced productivity hour equivalents.

RESULTS: The mean LPT per week was 1.8 hours for headache and 2.8 for all health related causes.

The 29% of migraine cases with 11+ headaches-d/mo accounted for 49% of overall LPT.

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