For how long will I need to keep taking Banjo?

Anywhere from one day to forever

In other words, it’s impossible to say. But…

You should try reducing your Banjo use over time.

As symptoms are eliminated, try reducing the amount of Banjo used.

Most people will be using less Banjo by the end of the second or third month.

Most users should begin by using two lozenges per day, but by the second or third month will find that they need only one lozenge per day, or less, to maintain relief.

Those who started with severe symptoms may need to continue using two lozenges per day for several months, but should eventually be able to reduce the amount of banjo used without any increase in symptom severity.

Some users will essentially discontinue Banjo use, or use only intermittently and as needed, based on symptoms.

This is especially true for those who begin with relatively mild symptoms, such as those who treat osteoarthritis at the mild pain phase. Mild osteoarthritis pain, or other mild symptoms, may be entirely relieved after only a short course of treatment with Banjo. These symptoms may eventually return, but they might not do so for an extended period of time. There may be no need to continue using Banjo when symptom free.

Your goal should be to entirely discontinue daily use of Banjo.

While this might not be possible for all users, the ultimate goal should be to entirely discontinue daily use, using only when symptoms reappear.


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