Thanks for your interest in helping.

As background, I’ve developed an all-natural, herbal lozenge for relief of chronic pain, including Back pain, Arthritis, Nerve pain, Joint pain and ‘Other’ pain, (like fibromyalgia.) The product is called “Banjo” – an acronym of the above pain conditions. You can view the product label here.

The Banjo lozenge contains only common herbs with a long history of safe use. It is essentially free from side effects and of course doesn’t require FDA approval. Nonetheless, I plan to sponsor several clinical trials in the near future.

In preparation for those trials I am asking for your help. You can help in one of two ways:

  • Help me test the placebo – to see if it’s ‘good enough’ to fool people (anyone can do this.)
  • Or – if you have any type of daily pain – help me collect more and better data on how well the product works.

If you DON’T have pain – consider signing up as a ‘placebo tester’.

It’s easy – maybe even fun? I’ll send you one lozenge without telling you if it’s a real Banjo lozenge or the placebo lozenge. After using the lozenge you receive, just complete a 2-minute survey that asks you to guess – was it placebo or real? I’ll let you know if you guessed right.

Your participation as a placebo tester will definitely be appreciated, because if the placebo isn’t good enough to fool people then the trial isn’t really ‘blinded’. It’s important to find out.

To sign up as a ‘placebo tester’ – click here.


If you DO experience any type of daily pain – consider signing up as a Banjo user.

You’ll receive a two month supply of Banjo at no charge in return for your feedback via three relatively short surveys – one before starting Banjo, then after 10 and 21 days of Banjo use.

I expect (hope) that most people will have very good results, because previous users have had good results. But feedback to date is primarily ‘anecdotal’ (e.g. testimonial type feedback.) It’s important that I collect structured data before investing heavily in clinical trials, and as an aid to designing the most appropriate trial.

Your participation and candid feedback as a Banjo user will be much appreciated.


To sign up as a Banjo user, just pick the most appropriate initial survey:

Arthritis and joint pain survey: To start your two month trial via this survey click here.

Other chronic pain survey: Most commonly back pain or neck pain, but this survey is also appropriate for any chronic pain that isn’t primarily joint pain or fibromyalgia. To start your two month trial via this survey click here.

Fibromyalgia survey: To start your two month trial via this survey click here.

Please send me an email if you have any questions, concerns or comments.

And thanks for considering participation, either as a ‘placebo tester’ or Banjo user. Your interest and assistance is much appreciated!

Best regards, Steve Roberts, MD



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