Episodic migraine. How common is migraine? How many attacks on average?

About 5% of the US population has 18 or more days/year of migraine.

Median attack frequency is 1.5/month.

Roughly 6% of men and about 15% of women have migraine disease.

About 35% of those with migraine have 3 or more migraines per month.

Median attack duration is 24 hours, with 20% of attacks lasting 2-4 days.

In over 50% of those with migraine, attacks are often severely disabling and require bed rest.

Nearly 40% of those with episodic migraine ‘should’ be on a migraine prevention medication.

Only 13% of those with episodic migraine use a medication to prevent attacks.

Migraine is a disease of inflammation.

Let’s get better.

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