Elevated cytokines in fibromyalgia – a defining characteristic

Cytokines and Fibromyalgia
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Are pro-inflammatory cytokines elevated in those with fibromyalgia?

Science: Two pro-inflammatory cytokines, IL-8 and TNF, were shown to be elevated in fibromyalgia.

Conclusion: Pro-inflammatory cytokine elevation is characteristic of fibromyalgia.


IL-8, as well as other cytokines, are noted to be elevated in fibromyalgia.

Inflammatory Cytokines Elevated in FibromyalgiaThe observation that certain pro-inflammatory cytokines are elevated in fibromyalgia suggests an inflammatory response. The correlation between cytokine levels and clinical outcome suggests a cause and effect relationship.

In respect to IL-8 levels in fibromyalgia patients, they were noted to be very substantially increased in all patients. No significant difference was observed in those patients with fibromyalgia who were also clinically depressed.

March, 2007

Cytokine patterns in fibromyalgia and their correlation with clinical manifestations.

Summary of the Abstract

The objective was to examine the possible role of cytokines in fibromyalgia.

Higher levels of IL-10, IL-8 and TNF-alpha were found in fibromyalgia patients, and there were significant correlations between these levels and symptoms.

The higher levels of cytokines found in fibromyalgia patients suggest the presence of an inflammatory response, and provide support for the role of cytokines in fibromyalgia.

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