Ehlers-danlos syndrome, diffuse pain and chronic fatigue

Ehlers-danlos syndrome (EDS) is an inherited disorder of connective tissue. More specifically, EDS involves a defect in collagen production.

It is reported that over 75% of those with EDS suffer with extreme, chronic fatigue. How does a defect in collagen production lead to chronic fatigue?

Those with EDS, especially the hypermobility type (type 3), also frequently suffer with chronic, diffuse pain. This pain does not seem to originate in the joints and therefore does not result from the frequent joint dislocations and subluxations common among those with EDS. In fact those with the classical type of EDS (types 1 & 2) frequently experience the same degree of joint subluxations and dislocations, but without the chronic, diffuse pain.

Why does the collagen defect specific to hypermobile EDS (type 3) result in such greater pain?

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