What does Banjo taste like?

The taste of Banjo is difficult to describe. However, the primary flavors (the things you’re most likely tasting) are lemon, peppermint and ginger.

Dandelion is somewhat bitter, as is feverfew, but there’s not a lot of feverfew or dandelion is a Banjo lozenge.

Turmeric, milk thistle and Chinese skullcap are all essentially flavorless.

The sweetener is rebiana, a natural derivative of stevia, it is sold under the trade name (brand name) Truvia.®

Ginger is the ingredient most responsible for the ‘spiciness’ of Banjo. Some people (those not accustomed to eating spicy food) might find that Banjo has a slight ‘burn’ – especially after the lozenge has been in your mouth for a while.

If you don’t initially like the ‘warming’ effect of ginger on your mouth, you’ll probably get used to it within a few days, and maybe even come to like it. If not, the alternative is to use Banjo as a pain relieving tea.

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