What conditions does Banjo treat?

Banjo doesn’t treat conditions – it treats symptoms.

Which symptoms? The symptoms of inflammation.

That includes the obvious symptoms – like pain and stiffness.

And the less obvious symptoms (less obvious that these result from inflammation) – like fatigue and headache.

And even the somewhat obscure symptoms – like impaired sleep.

‘Obscure’ doesn’t mean uncommon or unimportant. Good sleep is extremely important, and impaired sleep is common. It’s just that people don’t often think of ‘insomnia’ as resulting from inflammation.

Of course there are many reasons for poor sleep – inflammation is just one of them. But it’s remarkable how often those with inflammatory conditions also have impaired sleep (and fatigue.)

If you don’t have fatigue or impaired sleep – that’s great! Banjo won’t mess up your sleep or your energy level – it’s not a sedative or a stimulant. Banjo does what it does by relieving inflammation. So if you have pain, stiffness, fatigue, impaired sleep (in connection with your illness) – or any one of many other ‘inflammation symptoms’ – you can treat those symptoms with Banjo.

Let’s not argue.

There are a lot of people – perhaps most people (and some very smart people) – who will tell you that conditions like fibromyalgia or migraine have nothing to do with inflammation. We could argue about that – but does it really matter?

Probably not, so long as the product works.

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