Can I use other medications while using Banjo?

Most people have used Banjo while also using other medications.

To date, no serious or significant side effects have been reported by anyone using Banjo. However, there are many thousands of different medications, and even if Banjo interacts or potentially interacts with another medication, it might not do so in any significant manner or in such a way as to result in harm on every occasion. That is, the fact that a previous Banjo user was also using a particular medication does not mean there is no possibility of negative side effects as a result of using the two medications simultaneously.

Banjo contains a number of herbal extracts.

Since herbs contain chemicals that affect the body, it is possible that one or more of the herbal extracts in Banjo could interfere with or affect the activities of one or more synthetic agents, prescription medications or even non-prescription medications.  Even relatively benign exposures, such as to coffee or sunlight, are not recommended while using certain pharmaceuticals. Since even sunlight can be dangerous in combination with certain drugs, it’s likely that the herbal extracts in Banjo interact in some ways with some drugs.

If uncertain or concerned, check with your physician.

Since your physician is unlikely to be aware of Banjo, let alone its contents, it is recommended that you inquire specifically about each herbal extract in Banjo. For example, begin by asking, “Doctor, is it safe to ingest lemon in combination with [list your other medications here.]” Then, “Doctor, is it safe to ingest ginger with…” And so forth and so on, until you have determined the safety of each herbal extract in Banjo relative to whatever other medications you are using.

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