Can children use Banjo?

You should consult with your child’s doctor.

You and your child’s doctor need to determine the best course of treatment for your child.

There are many synthetic chemicals offered by large pharmaceutical companies that are frequently prescribed for children. Be certain to ask your doctor about the side effects of any prescribed medication. And, since your doctor is unlikely to have memorized the entire list of side effects associated with any prescription pain reliever, you may wish to reference a site such as this one, where you can read for yourself the potential risks and hazards associated with various prescription medications.

If your doctor approves, the use of Banjo in the form of a ‘tea’ might be especially suitable for children. In one instance where Banjo ‘tea’ is known to have been used by a child (with migraine,) it is reported to have been very effective. In one other case (fibromyalgia, nearly a child) use of the Banjo lozenge was reported to be very effective.

Of course we must recommend that you always consult first with your doctor.

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