Banjo contains no artificial colors, sweeteners or flavors.

We use only pure water, full-spectrum extracts, each of which has been obtained through a special, low-temperature process.

Our gentle extraction process preserves the full chemical integrity of each plant - and that's important. (Most extraction processes use high heat and chemical solvents, which isn't good for you - or the environment.)

Each of the herbs used in Banjo has a several thousand year history of safe use - and a healthy portfolio of modern research to support its use. A few of those research publications are referenced below.

Immunosuppression by milk thistle in the animal model of multiple sclerosis

Rosmarinic acid, found in peppermint, suppreses collagen-induced arthritis

Anti-inflammatory effects of dandelion leaf extract

Alpha-pinene inhibits IL-1 induction of NF-kappaB activation and NO production

Use of milk thistle to treat osteoarthritis, alone or with NSAIDs

Turmeric – a promising autoimmune drug you’ll never be offered

The value of peppermint in treating inflammation: an overview

The citrus flavonoid hesperidin is an effective anti-inflammatory agent

Lemon peel inhibits NF-kappaB activation, reduces inflammation

Something good to say about dandelions – a dandelion extract found to reduce pain and inflammation!

Ginger appears to be more effective than aspirin in reducing pain and inflammation

Ginger reduces inflammation in multiple sclerosis

Feverfew use in migraine reduces NO production via inhibition of NF-kappaB

Feverfew plus ginger found effective in acute treatment of migraine

Parthenolide (feverfew) for migraine and multiple sclerosis

Ginger extract may have beneficial effects in migraine

Review: Feverfew in migraine prevention

Feverfew extract for migraine

Ginger extract reduces inflammation in arthritis

Ginger an effective anti-inflammatory agent in arthritis

Synergy of multiple NF-kappaB inhibitors

Ginger: ancient remedy, modern miracle

NF-kappaB controls harmful bone resorption in osteoarthritis

NF-kappaB inhibition in arthritis

Curcumin effectively inhibits NF-kappaB only in combination with IL-10

One suggested cause of, and possible treatment for, chronic fatigue syndrome

Ginger may be effective in the treatment of migraine

Migraine treatment via NF-kappaB inhibition

Turmeric as wonder drug

Curcumin: Great effects – no side effects

Turmeric reduces pain and joint damage in rheumatoid arthritis

Dandelion and turmeric in arthritis

Ginger plus turmeric for wound healing

Ginger may be helpful in the treatment of diabetes

Ginger: Potent anti-oxidant

Ginger inhibits inflammation and is anti-carcinogenic

Ginger treats gout