Basic directions for use, cautions, and warnings are included on the Banjo label. Please review the label carefully.

Suggestions on getting your best results with Banjo.

Banjo basics:

Let the lozenge dissolve in your mouth. Avoid chewing the lozenge - at least until it's very small.

If you dislike the taste of Banjo, you can dissolve the lozenge to make a mild-tasting Banjo 'tea'. The 'tea' - when properly used - is as effective as the lozenge. Click here for helpful hints on making the 'tea'.

How much Banjo should I use?

Most users should start with two lozenges per day (one each in the morning and evening) and then adjust as needed. (For special instructions on using Banjo to treat acute migraine - see below.)

Those with mild or intermittent symptoms may need only one Banjo lozenge per day, or can use Banjo only when needed.

Those with severe symptoms may obtain better results by using three lozenges per day for the first 10 days.

By the second month, most users will require only one lozenge per day, or less, to maintain relief. Those with initially severe symptoms may need to continue at two lozenges per day for several months.

How fast does Banjo work?

Most users will obtain substantial relief starting within 10 days.

Those with severe symptoms should see initial improvement starting within 10 days, but up to 30 days of Banjo use may be required for substantial relief.

For how long should I keep taking Banjo?

Try Banjo for 30 days. Symptom relief is gradual, with progressively greater relief over time.

As symptoms are reduced or eliminated, try reducing the amount of Banjo used. Many users find they no longer require Banjo after 1 - 3 months, or that only an occasionally Banjo lozenge is required to maintain symptom relief.

If your symptoms have not significantly improved by the end of 30 days, then Banjo probably won't work for you. Return the empty tubes for a prompt refund.

Using Banjo for migraine.

To treat a single, acute migraine attack: use two (2) Banjo lozenges (one right after the other) at the first sign of impending migraine.

To prevent migraine: use two lozenges a day. Migraine frequency and severity should be significantly reduced or eliminated within 30 days.

Any acute migraine attacks that occur after the first 30 days can be treated with two (2) Banjo lozenges, as described above. Or you may prefer to continue using Banjo on a daily basis as a preventative.