Using Banjo as a ‘Tea’

Chances are you’ll like the taste of Banjo! But if not there’s an alternative – make Banjo ‘tea’

For those individuals who have difficulty using the lozenge because of its size or taste, the best option is to dissolve the Banjo lozenge in water (hot or cold) – or another liquid – add sweetener or other flavor to taste – then sip slowly.

Banjo is as effective, or nearly as effective, when used in this manner.

How to enjoy your Banjo ‘tea’

It’s important that you sip your Banjo ‘tea’ – don’t gulp it. You should sip your Banjo ‘tea’ over the course of about 15-30 minutes. To make Banjo even more effective you can briefly hold or ‘swish’ each small sip before swallowing.

When you sip the Banjo tea, the herbal extracts in Banjo have time to be absorbed through the membranes lining your mouth – and that’s one of the keys to the effectiveness of Banjo.

What not to do

Don’t mix Banjo with milk or cream. Some people might like adding milk or cream to their Banjo tea – don’t do it. Milk  and cream contain proteins that bind to the active ingredients in Banjo, preventing them from being absorbed. Banjo mixed with milk or cream will not work.

Don’t boil the beverage after Banjo has been added. Don’t boil or microwave the lozenge. By doing so you can destroy the active ingredients in Banjo. It’s OK to dissolve Banjo in hot (not boiling) water. Just heat the water (or other liquid) before adding the Banjo lozenge. But if you boil or microwave the Banjo lozenge – it will not work.

Hints from other Banjo lovers (or Banjo taste haters, perhaps.)

  • “Every night I put a Banjo in a cup of water, then place that cup in the refrigerator. In the morning the Banjo is dissolved – I just stir and sip before work. I love it! Then I refill the cup, add another Banjo and put it back in the fridge – so it’s ready for me when I come home!”
  • “I dissolve my Banjo in diet Coke. Love it!”
  • “I’ve found the perfect solution to counter the taste– Tang orange flavored drink powder, with some ground cloves! I remembered a “Russian Spice Tea” my grandmother used to make, which had Tang, cloves, and instant tea. I loved the flavor of it, so I decided to make some (without the tea) and see how it tasted with Banjo in it. It’s great!”
  • “I take a 16 oz Grape Crush and add two tablets. I put this in an old jelly jar and leave it in the refrigerator over night. The next day I sip it throughout a half hour to an hour – tastes great – very effective!”
  • “I make Banjo tea – with tea! I make a large mug of green tea. As the tea is steeping I add the Banjo lozenge and stir a little to help it dissolve. It makes a very nice tasting tea.”

PS – Most people like – and some even love the taste of Banjo – but everyone is different.