Arthritis & Joint Pain Testimonials

Arthritis and nerve pain relief: “I feel better than I have in 5 years”

I have a fragmented disc at l4-l5 that causes nerve pain down my right leg and numbness down my left leg. I also have arthritis pain in my hip and left knee. I work retail and am on my feet on cement floors, so I deal with this foot and leg pain every day. Since starting Banjo I am able to get through the day without all this pain. I feel better than I have in 5 yrs.

It took only 4 or 5 days and I noticed a difference in how I felt at the end of my work day. I usually hurt too bad to do anything but sit after work, but after starting Banjo I was able to come home and cook dinner, do dishes, ect. You know how tiring being in pain is. Well Banjo made such a difference I don’t even need those power naps. Now I am able to spend quality time with my Grandson that I raise.

I have been able to have such a better life with your product. You see I take Norco ( loratab) 10 mg 3 x’s a day have for 5 yrs. Now some days I only take 1/2 a tablet! The doctor explained that that is my body’s addiction to the narcotic. I hate that thought and have great hope that I will soon have days that I don’t have to take any.

I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for my life. Thank you for the work you are doing that is helping so many people. May God Bless you and yours.

Elizabeth Howard


Knee arthritis: osteoarthritis pain relieved in 5 days

I’m 63 years old and have had hip and knee pain associated with osteoarthritis for at least 6 years. Banjo came to my attention because my wife, who has fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue, tried it and it helped her a lot.

I’ve always doubted the usefullness of vitamins, supplements, etc. and expressed my doubts to Dr. Steve.

Well, after just 4 or 5 days on Banjo (2 per day) my pain when walking and sitting was all but gone! This is the first time in years that I’ve walked without a limp… If I felt any better I’d start running again! I really can’t say enough positive things a bout Banjo. I’m glad I gave it a try.

Michael K.


Joint pain relief after two weeks – “excited about the future”

I had very bad joint pain and because of that my doctor ran a Lupus test and it came back with a reading of 1/670 so I might have Lupus but I think I also have rheumatoid arthritis since I think my symptoms point more towards that.

I didn’t want to do any of the conventional therapy and wanted to try to take care of it with natural products so decided to try Banjo.

After two weeks I still have significant pain in my right shoulder and left thumb (which are my worst areas), but the pain in my hips and my knees and my left shoulder are easing up nicely. I can stand up much easier than when I first started with the Banjo. I am sleeping better because the pain when I move at night is much less so it doesn’t wake me up like it used to. I am very pleased with the results and excited about what the future looks like with this product.

Teresa R.


When people ask me about Banjo, I’ll tell them it’s life altering!

I have been taking Banjo for 2 months now.  I knew it was helping, it made the bad days a little better and the good days a lot better. I told people it was working but wasn’t it  a cure all, but…..then I ran out, and that is when I learned just how much it is helping! All of my joints, my back, ankles… well I’m having pain, that I haven’t had for 2 months! Day before yesterday was day 1 w/o. I was a little achy, but not too bad,yesterday a little worse. Today? well just let me say, Ive had to stop typing at least 4 times to write this because Im so fatigued from the achiness. I just want to close with, I am anxiously waiting for my Banjo, and when people ask from now on, I’ll tell them its life altering!  Thank you Dr Steve

Marguerite Thompson

Osteoarthritis knee pain relief after two days

I am 64 years old and work eight yours a day on my feet, walking on concrete. By the sixth hour of work, my knees would be really painful, and felt swollen. After two days taking Banjo I found that the pain was gone! I am able to work my full shift without the pain and discomfort I had dealt with for so long. I especially like the fact that I am not taking more drugs, but a simple, natural remedy.

Thank you, Banjo!

Pastor Jim Bledsaw, Chanhassen, MN

After two months on Banjo – “I feel like I have my life back.”

Two months have passed since Banjo came into my life.

The first 6 weeks I was only taking two a day and responses were fairly good.

Then I had one of the worst fibro flares I’ve ever experienced. I finally wrote Steve and email out of desperation. The advice was to move to 3 a day. On the 3 a day my chronic headaches are very mild and don’t last long. Even the pain in my foot from an irreversible auto injury is minimal. That is something I’ve been told I would never experience.

Overall my experience with banjo has been very good. I feel like I have my life back. Also, I have found that most of the time I only need to use one Banjo each day, using more when I have a flare, very infrequent now.

It will be interesting to see the improvements after 6 months of use. Thanks again Dr Steve for giving me my life back. Before you introduced me to Banjo, life was full of pain and hopeless. Now I’m even considering having one more child (My fiancee’s first) thanks to the fact that I’m feeling so much better. However we are working right now to improve my overall health first.

JG in Memphis

Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and mastocytosis: reduction in pain and fatigue

I have been diagnosed with Mastocytosis and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS), a rare inheritable connective tissue disorder. I have both classical and hypermobile types of EDS. I was first diagnosed with fibromyalgia in my 20s, but that was before they knew it was EDS. A lot of us with EDS have multiple diagnoses, and we often have a lot of pain and a lot of fatigue. I also have frequent headaches, and I have a lot of neck and back pain. I have also been diagnosed with degenerative disc disease of the spine.

After about four days using Banjo I felt a big change in the amount of energy I had. I also began to notice some reduction in pain. I had less pain in my small joints to start with. The pain in my large joints continued for some time. After about a month of taking Banjo the pain in my small joints was much, much better and I had less pain in the larger joints, but those continued to give me a bit of trouble.

I have now been taking Banjo for about two months and I  have noticed a marked difference in the joint  pain, headaches, back and neck pain. I take one to two  tablets of Banjo daily. After taking Banjo I notice a significant  increase  in my energy level.

I Kinda lost hope with Dr’s always wanting to shove synthetic drugs at people to take  instead of taking something natural for the body. As it states in our Good “Truth” book, there is nothing ever lose, but one can gain the natural effects and reap the benefits.

Dr.’s say do not take anything Natural with the Mastocytosis, well I can tell you that  is just untrue for some people…

Some nutrients that “God” put on this earth our body needs. And we need to see that our body is given these nutrients because if not bodies will start to fail us ..

Then God said, “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food. And to all the beasts of the earth and all the birds of the air and all the creatures that move on the ground everything that has the breath of life in it I give every green plant for food.” And it was so.

Genesis 1:29

Thank ~You Dr. Steve for caring enough about people  I appreciate it….

Viktoria Kawka

Relief from carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis and severe headache

So far, Banjo seems to be doing a wonderful job!

I am a hydrocephalus survivor (born April 1963, hydrocephalus did not make itself known until 3 months later.) I get headaches that are sometimes incredibly severe. I also have tendonitis and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Using just one Banjo a day, I noticed significant improvement in my tendonitis after just three days, with rapid improvement in other inflammation-based problems as well. Very good indeed.

I’ve now been on Banjo for a couple weeks and I’m seeing continued improvement in my tendonitis and with other problems. Even my Carpal Tunnel Syndrome hasn’t flared recently, despite a great deal of typing. (For which I thank you, and give God the glory for you having discovered this medication!)

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is every bit as disabling as other, more recognized disorders (arthritis, for example) and the fact that the surgical “remedy” for CTS doesn’t always work is a real concern.

There is some question whether all my severe headaches are migraines, but at least some are. I don’t get nausea. But sensitivity to light and sound? Oh, goodness yes! One was so severe that I was wearing the protectors given to dilation patients underneath prescription Gray-7 sunglasses, and could /still/ see as if I were outside in full sun, even though the room was lit by fluorescent bulbs.

On advice from Dr. Steve, I have used two Banjo in a row within 15 minutes for a severe headache. (I didn’t bother figuring out what sort it was.) Banjo was very effective, taking the headache down within a very few minutes after the second lozenge.

On the occasions when I failed to take Banjo for as little as 24 hours (which has happened several times), I have seen a reversal of the improvement, so it decidedly works, even for someone with my rather unusual situation.

Thank you, Raymond Danner

Fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis: less pain, more energy

Banjo has definitely helped decrease the number and severity of headaches I experience. When I am able to engage in modest/moderate activity, I am not as exhausted as pre-Banjo. I still have some daily fatigue but that is more MS-related (I opine) than fibromyalgia related. Joint pain frequency seems to be decreased as well as shoulder/neck pain (I am very happy about this)!!! Overall, considering I have fibro AND MS, I am pleased with the results. I just wish the daily fatigue would have decreased more.

Kimberly Dickerson

Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS) flare-up immediately relieved by Banjo

I had a flairup [EDS] with my hips, knees and ankles hurting. After a couple days I tried Banjo and within hours the pain was gone. I thought that it couldn’t be the Banjo working so fast, so when the pain came back I took some more and it worked again.

Steve Cardin

Northwest Ehlers-Danlos National Foundation Support Group

Tears of joy

Dear Dr. Steve;

Because of Banjo:

1. i have more energy.

2. my migraines are so under control, i feel ‘cured’.

3. my herniated discs in my neck are pain free enough that i’m able to turn my head from side to side (what? no big deal? well, you’re wrong!)

4. my herniated lumbar discs, though still tender, allow me to walk up all 19 of these wretched steps to get into the house. i do this MANY times a day!

5. since the onslought of fibromyalgia and lupus, i have had the energy of a sloth. i not only have elevated energy, but i made it through my daughter’s cheerleading camp–which turned out to be 2 1/2 hours a day, 5 days a week and all day saturdays. on top of that, i volunteered for all of the children’s age groups who participated in ‘spirit bowl! i was able to work my butt off!! AND, i suffered no ill effects from it. since the lupus, this was a first for me.

i am weeping as i tell you this. it is just THAT important to me to be able to be a mom to my children–whom, by the way, have watched me wither away in either a bed or chair.

again, steve, thank you for changing my life. in so doing, you’ve changed the lives of those i love and who love me.

with love and respect, cecelia latoof

Note: You can reach Cecelia at

You can read more of Cecelia’s story – published on Moonbaby.

Less pain, more energy: Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, neck and knee pain

Dear Dr. Roberts;

Here is my testimonial. When I first wrote to you I felt like a fish swimming in a fishbowl, all alone with my EDS pain and chronic illness. I was ready to try anything and at the point of giving up.

Just a few of my conditions were;

– bulging/herniated C4,C5,and C6

– Ruptured L-5 L6-S1 with tears between 5 and 6

– torn meniscus in left knee

– Right carotid dissection intra and extracranial w/psuedoanerysm under skull and in neck (still there and caused constant, excrutiating pain) 4mm at last MRA

– skins tears easily, bruising horrendous

– joints pop everytime I move – I sound like rice krispies

I was diagnosed with a variant form of EDS in ’04 as my skin cell biopsy showed it wasn’t VEDS.

The meds I was on: Plavix 75 once daily, aspirin 81mg,  Toprol 100 mg, Lisinopril 10 mg, Catapres .1 twice daily, flexeril 5 mg once, zanaflex 4 mg once, Celexa 60 mg once, Lipitor 40 mg., Phenerghan 25 mg PRN, Xanax .25 PRN, Percocet 10 mg PRN (not working anymore I have developed a tolerance),  Stadol shot at ER standing order for vasospam and migraine, Vit C 5 grams daily, Niacin, Fish Oil and Flax Seed oil.

I had tried Lyrica but it had terrible side effects causing vertigo and vomiting.

When I first wrote to you the worst pain was in my lower back and my left knee and horrible pain in my neck because of the psuedoanerysm.

I could not stand up straight or move without pain radiating down my left leg and spasms in my back. I had been to PT for the last year with little help as my joints are lax and I can not do many of the exercises without popping.

Despite all the meds and every therapy I remained in extreme pain. I was so tired of the extreme pain that I keep myself isolated at home much of the time. I have a reacher, a walker, and a wheelchair but refuse to get in the chair as I don’t want to lose my mobility.

I have had every kind of “-ologist” there is. I was tired of doctors and felt hopeless. Most of my doctors don’t know much about EDS and can only treat my symptoms, as surgery is not an option for me.

When I saw your site and read the testimonials I became convinced that I had severe inflammation. I wrote you on facebook and you sent me Banjo.

After using Banjo for 4 days the neck pain was GONE! I definitely had more energy. My back pain was better but not gone and my left knee with the torn meniscus would still hurt, but only if I moved it in a certain way.

I felt much better overall and the best part was that I couldn’t feel that my neck felt normal for the first time in 5 years! I had been using narcotics with no relief for almost five years and after just two days of Banjo I quit the narcotics. That is the greatest relief as I was so tired of feeling drugged.

Thanks a million! I am loving the pain free neck and am able to bend knee easier. And thank you for your dedication to pain relief with a non-addictive medication. I am very grateful to have an alternative to narcotics which I hated because of the side-effects.

I believe that God sent you to me through FB.

Respectfully and sincerely submitted,

Mary Dunn

Fibromyalgia and arthritis fatigue, ‘fog’, and pain relieved

Dear Dr. Steve;

I want to thank you so much for sending me the Banjo.

I have now been taking Banjo for about five weeks. As for what Banjo has done for me – I have been thinking about this and without making myself sound like a medical wreck, I will have to list what I believe it has done for me to this point.

The first thing I noticed immediately was it eliminated my headaches.

Second, I have been working on painting the entire inside of our house since moving here the day before Thanksgiving last year. Normally (before Fibro) when I would paint, it would take me one day to do an entire room, 2 coats. With the Fibro pain it takes me three days to do a two coat room. I have to rest a day in between each coat in order to feel good enough to paint again. In that manner I painted most of the upstairs in our house over the course of several weeks. That was before being introduced to Banjo. It was very exhausting physically due to the intense pain I would experience the following day, or after resting.

After you sent me the Banjo I began taking daily 1 very large tablet that tasted quite awful. However, I was going to give it a try since it was a natural product. I noticed a big increase in energy almost right away. It was like the fatigue just vanished over a period of about 2 or 3 days. I proceeded to paint the balance of our house and I was so full of energy. And I didn’t have the pain issues I normally would get whenever I would paint or do any project around the house. I found myself eager for the next day to arrive so I could paint the next room. I wasn’t dragging myself out of bed in the mornings, and even with all the work I was doing, I didn’t have any pain. That is an awesome feeling!!

I keep noticing changes too. For example, the fibro fog is significantly less and the sugar cravings that go along with Fibro have also lessened significantly. I do notice that with each passing week I don’t have to take as much.

I finally figured out breaking the very large tablet in half and taking it that way was a lot easier for me. One other thing, the taste seems to “grow on me”.

I also started taking half a tablet at night when I went to bed. I noticed a few days into this my gum area that was always sensitive was no longer painful. (I had a root canal a few years back and that area has been very sensitive ever since). It was to the point where just putting a small amount of pressure on the gum was very painful and now I have no pain. That’s very nice. So because of Banjo I can now chew normally again.

The other thing I have noticed is my sinuses are not as stuffed up any longer.

Also the pain in my knees is almost entirely gone. My knees have bothered me for years and were getting quite painful, but that’s osteoarthritis, not fibromyalgia (I can tell because the pain is very different.)

Another thing, my right foot has been killing me for years and the pain on that has even eased up a little bit, especially the large cyst on it that is very painful.

I also have a muscle in my neck that has been very painful for months now and when I take the Banjo that pain also disappears.

I guess in a nutshell, Banjo has allowed me to feel normal again. It is so nice to wake up and not feel physically challenged. The energy is incredible. It is amazing how pain can really drain the energy levels.

I guess bottom line is, I was so very sick and tired of being sick and tired, and all the pain. Banjo has really helped me to feel normal again. I can’t bear to think of living without it.

Sincerely, Nancy Sandberg Cavanaugh

Relief of longstanding fibromyalgia, diabetic neuropathy and arthritis

Dear Dr. Steve,

I just wanted to say that after trying Banjo for the last month I have had an increase in stamina and energy that seemed impossible for the last 15 years when I was diagnosed with what the Rheumatologist called “old fashioned” Rheumatism. Which he explained was also called myositis, now most often called Fibromyalgia. Also my osteoarthritis is greatly improved and my diabetic neuropathy pain is slowly getting better. The neuropathic pain is now the most bothersome, but I have not had the stabbing pain that I would frequently get with the neuropathy that actually prevented me from sleeping since I started Banjo. So, that is an improvement. I still have a good bit of pins and needles type neuropathy pain.

Being an RN who mostly worked steady night shift, I blamed my aches and pains on a lack of proper sleep and Juvenile Diabetes. I could not sleep more than 2 hours in a row without getting up and walking the floor from leg, foot pain, and all over tenderness, stiffness, and soreness. I continued to work and raise two small kids like this.

I eventually found a Doctor much like you, who helped me manage with vitamin therapy but was literally run out of our area because of his focus on treating fibromyalgia and the whole host of inflammatory autoimmune type conditions with mega vitamins and non mainstream treatments. However, since he left 6 years ago and I was still suffering from increased fatigue and worsening of the diabetic neuropathy as well as osteoarthritis of my left knee and hips I tried “Dr Steve’s Banjo”.

It’s great to finally be able to get though the day without me having to lay down and nap on the couch at least 2-3 times in a day. I’ve been able to do more house work than I usually was able to before hand and noticed a clearer more alert and energized feeling than I’ve had since before I developed the fibromyalgia.I will continue to use Banjo as long as possible because it’s made me more productive and decreased my pain to the point that I’m able to once again have a feeling of relief. I want to get out of bed in the morning instead of being afraid to wake up to another day of fatigue, pain and stiffness and what I used to call a “lack of life” because I just wasn’t my usual cheery and optimistic self.

I still have an occasional off day but the overall improvements that I’ve noted are something that I want to keep. THANK YOU for your hard work and dedication to helping people like me, who thought they were going crazy. Many doctors can’t understand how you can hurt so much from something they can’t even pinpoint as a disease, but classify as a set of symptoms “without” a positive test for what is wrong with them.


Debra A. Potts RN :-)

Relief from fibromyalgia, Sjogrens, and chronic pain

I was called an “anomalous anomaly” by Mayo Clinic doctors in 1998.  Since then, pain has been a constant part of my life – especially over the last seven years. I’ve been to many doctors: a vascular surgeon who was certain I had a congenital defeat affecting my blood flow, a neurologist who was certain I had juvenile degenerative disc disease, a rheumatologist who said I had an unusual form of fibromyalgia, another neurologist who said I had carpel tunnel syndrome, and finally, another rheumatologist who has diagnosed me with some kind of autoimmune and inflammation disease – but who says my testing history since 2003 is inconclusive. He told me I tested positive for Sjogren’s disease, but that “it doesn’t necessarily mean that what’s going on is caused by Sjogren’s”.

Over the course of the past five years, the pain I experienced actually brought me to the point where I didn’t really want to live – Why?  The pain just sucked everything out from under me.  It was completely unpredictable.  Some days I would feel sort of normal, only to wake up the next day – exhausted – after a full night of sleep.  The doctors ordered a sleep study, but they didn’t find anything like sleep apnea that could explain my lack of rest during sleep.

I started to believe that I deserved being sick – that I had to just tolerate living – and it started becoming “normal” to watch everything being taken away from me; my health, my hope, my dreams, my vitality, my energy, my worth, my relationships, my future…

Reading my own words, I can see how difficult it would be for someone who isn’t experiencing constant diffused pain to understand how hard it is and how exhausting fighting it can be.  I’ve delivered four babies, all without drugs, and I can tell you without doubt, that daily, diffuse pain is much worse. It’s like a kind of torture that just wears down your mind and resiliency.

Then, about a month ago I reconnected with Steve Roberts (“Dr. Steve”) through Facebook. After looking at his site and reading some of the testimonials there I reached out to Steve to ask more about Banjo. I knew Steve from high school and we had many of the same friends over 30 years now – so I had the advantage of knowing he wasn’t some kind of quack.  Also, I grew up in a family that was well ahead of its time in regard to understanding the benefits of vitamins, good food, and health- both physically and mentally. So, I already knew something about the ingredients in Banjo, their safety, and the fact that taking the lozenge was really no different than drinking a cup of herbal tea.

After disclosing a little about my condition, I was surprised when Steve suggested I should give Banjo a try – that he was confident it could really help me. While I was hopeful – I didn’t really expect Banjo to completely WORK and to make such a huge difference in my life.

Within about 3 days I could feel the difference Banjo was making – It was hard for me to believe, but I could not deny the following:

1) I used to need a friend to work on pressure points before I’d be able to walk in the morning – now I don’t

2) I didn’t have to “carefully” stand up after sitting, wait before taking a step, and then hold my back because it hurt – because it doesn’t hurt

3) When I slept, I woke up feeling rested.  In fact, I am sleeping the same number of hours that satisfied me 20 years ago.

4) I feel 20 years younger!

5) I felt “normal” – not drugged. I felt like myself again.  I had energy.  I could think and focus.  I am happy. Life is so much easier.

I’ve now been taking Banjo for about 3 weeks and I know it’s true that I’m feeling better and will keep feeling better.  I am able to do things I wasn’t able to do before – and I thought I’d never be able to do again. It’s like the problems were just “lifted” away or removed.

For example, I was driving my car and looked over my shoulder to merge left.  When I returned to looking forward, I had a glimmer of a memory – which I almost didn’t even notice – I “remembered” that looking over my shoulder always used to hurt and I’d have to brace myself while doing it.  I didn’t have to brace myself anymore.

Another time, I was talking with a friend about a very negative emotional situation and I noticed that my shoulders were aching.  As I walked into another room, I was holding my back so I could walk straight because my back started aching.  It took a few minutes before I realized I had forgotten to take Banjo that day.  As soon as I took two tablets, the symptoms “lifted” away.

Two weeks later, I forgot again.  ( I’ve heard it’s easy for people to forget to take medicine if they start feeling better )

That night, I noticed my left ankle and leg was very swollen. Both ankles and feet were feeling stiff and hot and achy (like my whole body used to feel).  (The swelling on my left side – and the strange effects it would have on my vascular system, were another one of the anomalies the doctors never could explain)

In any event, their lack of a diagnosis doesn’t matter because as soon as I remembered to take Banjo, the swelling reduced and my ankles and feet don’t ache anymore.

I’m beginning to feel like me again. I’d almost forgotten what it was like to live without pain!

Looking back, I realize that my biggest struggle was to admit that I was powerless over what was happening to my physical body and how it affected my mind and my heart.

I admitted the reality of the situation – finally – and that every effort I made to find a doctor to fix me only led me down a road that gave them the power to tell me I couldn’t be fixed…and I used to believe it.

I thank GOD for all I’ve gone through so I could learn what I really needed to learn.  There is a way for me to be grateful for the pain because it allowed me to see that God loves me and will take care of me.

All that was being asked of me was to give the power back to God – not sell my soul by giving the decision about whether or not I could be healed to some “expert” who couldn’t admit they didn’t know how – they only knew how to lessen the symptoms (maybe) but never STOP the cause of all the pain!!!

I know God always has a purpose in everything I experience – and that it always leads to love – and that it always expands because I can share it

And when I share what I’ve learned with others then they will be given just what I’ve received… and they will learn and be supported in depending entirely on God.  That’s the truly important thing.

For me, the pain was the “fuel” to drive me toward a certain direction. The pain was like my very own, custom made GPS!

It led me step by step (and year by year) to the destination

–      seeking an answer from God

–      receiving a miracle

–      giving the Glory back to God

–      so that other people can know the same thing

It’s all about what we give power to – right?

I didn’t have the power to fix me.

The doctors sure didn’t.

But, God did by helping me reconnect with Steve and learn about the inflammation that was destroying my life –

Banjo stops the inflammation

And I thank God for helping Steve become a doctor who believed in miracles – and helping them along by making the lozenge!

I have a little bit of hope that I wanted to share– I am grateful to say thank you in this way.

Keep strong and God Bless!

KPB – Minneapolis

Gradual improvement: severe pain, fatigue, constant migraine all decreasing

I have severe, diffuse  joint pain and extreme fatigue resulting from fibromyalgia.

I started taking Banjo about a two weeks ago. Within a week noticed less joint pain and less fatigue. I’ve been sick for a long time and so don’t expect a quick resolution. Since I’ve only been taking it a short while I consider myself a work in progress, but am very happy that I had any results at all, since nothing has ever worked for me.

I am less painful, less fatigued and more functional. I am absolutely going to continue taking it, there are no side effects and it really is helping. I will continue to advise Dr. Steve about my results.

Dana T.

Update 1: After taking Banjo for four weeks now I estimate overall pain is less by 30%. That is huge for me! Plus I’m using fewer pain meds.

Update 2: I’d say I’m now past 30% pain relief after 7 weeks.  Just sore in the mornings rather than sharp stabbing ‘I can’t walk’ kind of pain. I am managing to get about 6 hours of work done a day. Still have to take breaks in between and sometimes sleep, but that’s better than before. Migraine is reduced greatly. Before Banjo I was using an imitrex every day. Now I only need one about every 4 days. Getting off the demerol.

Osteoarthritis relief, knee pain gone: “I can dance again!”

I have arthritis in just one knee, and generally it only flares up about once every third day of so. The problem is, my wife and I really enjoy ballroom dancing, but for the past several years every time we go dancing I have to sit down after only a short while – the knee pain flares up. That puts a damper on things, so we had all but stopped our dancing.

Six weeks ago you sent me your “Banjo”. The next time my knee pain flared I took one and within a few minutes the pain was gone. That was great of course, but what really surprised me was that the pain didn’t come back for almost two weeks! Since then, whenever the pain comes back, I just take one Banjo and it’s gone again for at least a week. The best part is, we’re dancing again!

Thanks so much for the Banjo! It looks like the six tubes you sent might turn out to be about a two year supply!

Jim S. – California

Fast relief from chronic arthritis pain and inflammation

I’ve had arthritic joints since my early 20’s because of a chronic condition. I’ve dealt with the pain & discomfort trying every over the counter anti-inflammatory. I hate medication. I tried Banjo because I figured it couldn’t hurt and I’m always open to a natural remedy. I’ve used them as needed and I was so impressed with the results, I asked my mother if she’d like to try it. Within just 2 days of her using them, taking just 3 of the tasty lozenges, the swelling has reduced so much that her wedding ring fits past the 2nd knuckle and she hadn’t worn her band in more than a year!

I’m glad I found Banjo, I’ve seen a major improvement in my joints and I’m not worried about the side effects of ibuprofen on my vocal chords or Acetaminophen damaging my liver. Thanks so much Dr Steve.

Jami V.

Hip pain and three years of post-surgical neck pain relieved

Hi Dr Steve,

This is my testimony

I have arthritis in my hip and pain in my neck. I have had the pain in my neck for 3 years starting after an operation on my shoulder. The arthritis in my hip was getting worse for years and was getting really bad.

I have taken banjo as directed 2 a day for one week. After one week pain was minimized. Now for me one a day is sufficient. I am really grateful because I have tried other medications and nothing has helped. Thank you Dr Steve for your expertise in this great medication. To any one out there who has pain all I can say is give banjo a try you can’t go wrong.

Thanks Kim

Relief from osteoarthritis & fibromyalgia

I have a lot of arthritis related pain (like every old nurse) and I’ve suffered from fibromyalgia for the last few years – so I just have a lot of general aches and pains. I started using Banjo and within a couple days I could feel it start to relieve all my pain … even noticing that I was walking faster than usual. Now I’m recommending Banjo to my friends.

Thank you again. I do believe you are just beginning and onto to a huge concept here. It is ” all about inflammation.”


J.G. – RN

Relief from fibromyalgia, arthritis, neck pain

dear doctor steve –

I have had osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia for 6 years. The arthritis is really bad in my knees, ankles and one hip. And since I got in a car accident 5 years ago I have had neck injuries and have not been able to turn my head ever without it causing pain. I’ve been in a lot of pain every day for all this time and have tried many pain relievers, seen doctors and chriropracters but nothing has helped much, or has only helped a little for a short time. I have been on medication for fibro and that has helped some but I still had daily aches and pains. Some from arthritis, some from my injury and some from fibro.

I started taking banjo about 5 weeks ago because my friend told me about it. After a few days I could feel a real improvement and after a few weeks almost all my pain was gone, just gone! Now I can turn my head without pain. My arthritis is gone and my fibro is also gone (I am still on lyrica for that, but banjo had definitely improved the results)

I take it twice a day and it never fails me. Banjo gave me back control of my body. I control my movements now. The stiff, painful aches no longer dictate my every move.

This is the first Christmas that I think I’ll really enjoy in the last 6 years.

Thank you, Diana D.

Osteoarthritis relief: Leg pain eliminated

Nightly I have a severe joint pain [osteoarthritis] from my knees to my ankle, it is very difficult for me to stand up and walk, I have been using different pain reliever but it didn’t work up until a friend gave me Banjo…I took 2 tablets a day morning and mid afternoon for one week the result was less pain on my legs.

On my second week of continuous use of Banjo the excruciating pain was completely gone. I was able to sleep comfortably every night without the pain bothering me.


Severe arthritis in shoulder: “I couldn’t fish, and the doctors said I needed surgery”

Curt’s shoulder pain had been getting progressively worse over the course of four years. He was unable to lift his arm above 90 degrees. He couldn’t go fishing anymore. The doctors said he needed surgery. He didn’t – he needed Banjo. Watch the video.

Arthritis – osteoarthritis and/or tendinitis in foot relieved

Every time I wake up in the morning I have this pain on my left foot. They said it is Achilles arthritis. And then, one of my relatives told me to use “Banjo.” I tried dissolving 2 tablets with hot water. After taking Banjo for two days the pain was lessened and I can stand and walk as if nothing happened. Banjo really works.

Candy Gotanco

Knee osteoarthritis eliminated

Al had knee pain for many months that was only getting worse, until he tried Banjo – watch the video!